Clean Simple Foods, Inc. Eat Shires!

Clean Simple Foods, Inc. Eat Shires!

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About Us

Here’s Where Our Story Starts

Our mission has always been simple: crafting great tasting, plant-based foods that are made with simple, quality, clean ingredients for you. We strive to enhance the way people eat by incorporating healthful, plant-based foods into any style diet.

Nuttin Ordinary founder Josh, grew up in a vegan/vegetarian household in the 80’s and experienced first hand the healthy power of eating plant-based. Josh and now Co-Founder Adam met, and quickly realized they both had a passion for healthy lifestyles resulting from incorporating plant-based foods into everyday living. Both suffering from a lactose intolerance, Josh & Adam discovered they could “beat the bloat”, the tired, heavy feeling that came from dairy options with plant-based options. Soon, they began to cultivate ideas for their passion and desire to share plant-based foods with the community. Could plant-based protein sources be cultured with probiotics just like dairy cheese? It was a question that had to be answered. Shortly after, the idea of creating a quality, clean & simple ingredient, plant-based, nutritious, & uncompromisingly DELICIOUS cheese was born.

The Idea Behind Plant-Based Foods

The idea was a hit – only 6 months into launch, Nuttin Ordinary was on the shelves in Whole Foods, reaching customers who share our belief that plant-based options should both taste GREAT and have nutritional value, none of those nonsense fillers, thickeners, gums and starches.


Four flavors of DELICIOUS Dairy-Free Plant-Based Cream Cheese
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Four flavors of DELICIOUS Dairy-Free Plant-Based Cream Cheese
Our Founders!